Republic of the Philippines
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Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office


A special program of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) to help primarily the Local Government Units (LGUs), Government Agencies, Non-government Organizations (NGOs), Private Organizations, Foundations, Cooperatives and Charitable Institutions raise funds for their socio-civic, health and welfare related projects through the sales of Special Mini Sweepstakes and or Traditional Sweepstakes tickets.

Generate funds for your charity projects using this Program

Benefits of the Partner Organization

  • At 10,000 Booklet Package
    PROFIT (10,000 Booklets) Php 625,000.00
    80% Charity Fund Share Php 578,400.00
    Seller's Bonus Php 50,000.00
    Php 1,253,400.00


Buy each booklet at Php 187.50
Sell each booklet at Php 250.00
Earn per booklet a profit of Php 62.50
10,000 booklets x Php 62.50 Php 625,000.00

"80% Share of the Charity Fund"


Total Charity Fund generated from the sales of the
10,000 Booklets (Less Documentary Stamp Tax) = P723,000.00

Partner’s Share (80%) = P578,400.00

20% PCSO Share (20%) = P144,600.00

"80% Partner's Share"

Partner’s 80% Share of the Charity Fund:
Utilize the 80% percent share of the Charity Fund generated for your pet charity or socio-civic projects.

The Seller's Bonus

  • 10,000 Booklet Package
    Prize Seller Bonus
    1st Prize (Php 400,000)
    2nd Prize (Php 75,000)
    3rd Prize (Php 25,000)
    Php 40,000
    Php 7,500
    Php 2,500
    Total Php 50,400.00

Terms and Conditions

  • Partner-organization handles the selling and distribution of the tickets.
  • Partner-organization determines the number of Sweepstakes tickets to be printed by the PCSO. Design of the ticket may be customized to the design preference of the Partner-organization.
  • All tickets delivered as indicated in the Memorandum of Agreement shall be on a “considered sold” basis.
  • PCSO conducts the Sweepstakes Draw on the Draw Date set by the Partner-organization as indicated in Memorandum of Agreement.
  • PCSO shall provide advertising and promotional support to the Distributor through its existing and available advertising and marketing arm.
  • PCSO shall assume full responsibility for payment of all prizes to all winners.
  • PCSO shall extend a ten percent (10%) Seller’s commission to the person or organization who sells the any of the major tickets upon presenting the Official Receipt of the ticket purchased from PCSO.

How to Join Partner Tayo?

  • 10,000 Booklet Package
    Step 1: Submit a letter of intent to be a partner-organization of PCSO in the "PCSO Partner Tayo" Program attached with a project proposal. Letter should indicate the following information:
    • Name of applying organization
    • When to hold the draw
    • Beneficiaries of the 80% charity share
    • Design of the Tickets
    Step 2: Sign the memorandum of agreement with PCSO
    Step 3: Settle the monetary amount of the cost of tickets delivered to the partner. Partner may opt to settle the amount in any of the following modes/terms:
    • Post dated checks
    • Cash payment from the sales of ticket
      • Open a bank account for PCSO where ticket payments will be remitted
      • Secure a surety bond equal to the cash value of the tickets

Please proceed to the nearest PCSO Branch Office in your area or to the PCSO MAIN OFFICE – PSDD, 3rd Flr. or Call Tel No. (02)-9970244

Reference: Partner Tayo